Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Beautiful Hanging center Pieces

There's a simple reason why hanging centerpieces are loved so much by any event-planners. It's not because they can add intimacy to a high-ceilinged room. It's not because they decorate tables without getting in the way of conversation. And it's not because they just love to hang things. It's because they're simply beautiful and elegant that can add beautiful atmosphere to the event.  
A Beautiful Sign

A Bulb and Flower-Chains 

A Dangling Light bulbs
A drooping Flower stems
A Floating Bench
A sprouting Flower Baskets
An Intertwining Flower Bouquets
An Upside down Branch filled with  beautiful flowers
Dangling Flowers
Hanging Garden
Some Beautiful or colorful bottles or vases
The Floating Lanterns
Using a Hula Hoop as Chandelier