Sunday, September 20, 2015


Blanket Flower

Blanket flower (gaillardia) is a drought- and heat-tolerant perennial wildflower that provides long-lasting color in a sunny border with poor soil. In red, gold, or brown, its daisy-like, 3-inch wide, single or double perennial flowers bloom through the summer and into the fall. Although often short-lived, it is easy to grow and will flower the first year from seed. They need full sun and grow  1 to 3 feet high, 6 inches to 2 feet wide. usually red or orange colors. Foliage colors are chartreuse/ gold. They bloom flowers all summer and  up to Fall seasons. They are deer-resistant, low maintenance  drought tolerant . They are good  groundcovers, and can be planted containers  , cut  flowers can add to your arrangements.

Blanket Flower


Blanket flowers are wonderfully cheerful, long-blooming plants for hot, sunny gardens. They produce single or double daisy flowers through most of the summer and well into fall. The light brick red ray flowers are tipped with yellow -- the colors of Mexican blankets.
Blanket flowers tolerate light frost and are seldom eaten by deer. Deadhead the flowers to keep them blooming consistently through the summer and into fall. Some species tend to be short-lived, especially if the soil is not well drained.

Blanket flower